Do you suffer from type 1 or type 2 diabetes

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  Are you plagued with these symptoms 

There really is a natural way to help with your diabetes control.

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What are these natural products that will supposedly help YOU

There are scientific studies that point to natural products that can help your Diabetes 

Its about time.


But not just any cinnamon. Household cinnamon contains coumarin, which can damage your liver taken in the quantities to help with your diabetes. Cinnamon made from the bark of the cinnamon tree ("Ceylon Cinnamon") contains no coumarin.


scientists from the U.S. Department of Agriculture found that antioxidant-rich cinnamon extract helped reduce risk factors associated with diabetes and heart disease.

Fasting blood samples collected at the beginning of the study and after six and 12 weeks revealed that the cinnamon extract improved antioxidant status, and helped reduce blood sugar levels.

More Research

A University of Georgia study also found that cinnamon can prevent tissue damage and inflammation caused by high levels of blood sugar. When blood sugar levels are high, sugar bonds with proteins to form compounds called advanced glycation end products, or AGEs. AGEs activate the immune system, which triggers the inflammation and tissue damage associated with aging and diabetes.


CBD comes from the hemp plant. It is legal in all 50 states and is not marijuana. It won't get you high or have the munchies. It calms the nerves and reduces swelling. It helps the cells to accept the natural sugars in your body, thereby reducing blood sugar levels.

  • It stabilizes blood sugar levels.

  • It has neuroprotective effects that stop the inflammation of nerves, and it also helps reduce the pain of neuropathy.

  • It helps calm restless leg syndrome (RLS), a common diabetes symptom.

  • It lowers blood pressure.

  • It acts as a vasodilator, which is a medical term denoting a capacity to improve circulation by keeping blood vessels open

In January 2018, Harvard Medical School’s Dr. Peter Grinspoon referenced a Healthline article that reviewed the potential for CBD to decrease insulin resistance and improve blood sugar levels.

In the article, which was the first of its kind to “investigate the relationship between CBD, glucose, and insulin resistance,” it was pointed out that CBD use can directly help regulate blood sugar levels, waist size, and body mass index — three factors that are crucial to both the prevention and control of Type-1 and Type-2 diabetes.

The study, which reviewed data from 4,657 patients over a 5-year period, determined a significant link between the regular use of CBD and better blood sugar control.  The study users reported lower fasting insulin levels and minimum cases of obesity.


"The clinical trial clearly signifies that the  CBD  is a miraculous drug for all the diabetic patients. It not only combats the obesity caused due to diabetes but also eliminates the root cause of the disease. Due to its medicinal benefits, CBD has become the most sought-after drug for curing different kinds of diabetes throughout the world."


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Customer Proof



Martin Tindall has seen CBD help people with diabetes firsthand.


One of his relatives was 300 pounds, had a resting blood sugar level of 190, and was taking six different pharmaceuticals to treat his diabetes. That all changed after starting a diet program and taking CBD.

“Over about a month, his fasting blood sugar had dropped to the 120s. As he maintained the levels in the 110s to 130s, we had him drop off all of his existing meds,” Tindall said. “After 42 days, it took him from about $2,000 worth of scripts to about $150 worth of CBD.”

While finding the correct CBD dose will differ for everyone, Tindall said their model uses 100mg per day. “It’s a pretty big dose. But when it’s that effective, typically reducing somebody by 40% in their fasting blood sugar over a period of 21 days, that to me is a game-changer for the diabetic population.”

Tindall also understands the concerns of physicians. “There was a lot of data supporting the medical use, but doctors always wanted to have an accurate dosing,” 


A five-year study, published by in the American Journal of Medicine in 2013, took an in-depth look at the effects of CBD on fasting insulin and insulin resistance. The results showed that regular users of CBD had 16 percent lower fasting blood sugar levels and 17 percent lower levels of insulin resistance than patients who had never used CBD, both of which are symptoms of insulin dysfunction. 

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Talk to your health care professional and let them know what you are doing

Second. Take your blood sugar readings as per your doctors advice

Third. Studies show that it usually take 30-45 days to build up in your blood stream. 

Fourth. Start slow with 25mg capsules and if your blood sugar levels don't start to decrease after 30 days increase to 50mg capsules.(Weatherly Farms CBD and Cinnamon capsules.

Note: Some people see fantastic results within 2 weeks

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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